Ambassador Program

What are the benefits of being an AUDIN Ambassador?

  • You will get 15% discount and your own discount code/link to share on social media, blogs, website, emails, etc...
  • 10% commission from any sales generated from your discount code/link.
  • Early access to AUDIN newest collections, products, events & promotions.
  • Chance to become AUDIN Sponsored Athlete


How is my order commission calculated? 

Commissions are calculated on the pre-tax and shipping value of the order. If an order is refunded or changed, your commission will be re-calculated based on the changed valued. For example:

  • Your referrer commission is 10% 
  • You've referred Sarah from Instagram and she has created an order with the store worth $100. $110 including taxes and shipping.
  • Your commission is calculated as 10% of $100. Which is $10. 


How orders are linked to my Ambassador account?

An order is credited to you when:

  • A customer completes an order using your referrer link
  • A customer completes an order using your referrer discount code

We use cookies, local storage and IP matching to track your referral leads. These trackers exist for 30 days and then expire. This means that if a customer made a purchase within 30 days after clicked on your referrer URL, that order will credited to you.


When will AUDIN pay me?

AUDIN will pay you your commission 30 days after the order was placed and; only if the order was completed (paid, shipped). This rule is to prevent incorrect payments from being made due to order got cancelled. 


How AUDIN going to pay me?

We are paying our Ambassador via Paypal as they provides the necessary security, flexibility and simplicity that a referral marketing program requires.



Any questions you can email us at